BAROPE Business Solution

MDM has come up with their new product on ERP solution named as BAROPE (Business Application on Resource Optimization & Planning for Enterprises) which can serve the business needs of multiple sectors such a Manufacturing, Service, Hotel Industries, Hospitals, Advertising to name a few.

BAROPE - The Business system covers all most all functional domains which are commonly practiced in the industry. This ERP solution is a browser based system, so it can be ported in web and can be accessed from anywhere & anytime. MS-SQL Server is used as back-end database, so it can be made compatible to other software to communicate and share its data. This system contains approximately 200 functions to suit the best need for the client organisation. By defining user profile and linking those functions, work-flow can be designed for governance and proper utilisation of existing resources.

BAROPE Business Cloud Functional Coverage

BAROPE Business cloud, a complete integrated ERP solution, for small organisation, which not only provides the power of ERP but also at the same time it reduces the cost and overhead expenditure involved maintaining an In-House ERP Infrastructure.