Mercantile Data Manager is a well known organisation in field of Information Technology. It is an organisation with dedicated in-house consultants and external consultants as business associates who are very much focused in providing quality solution to meet the business needs of our clients. The organisation was formed in 90's of the last century by professionals from allied fields like Engineering, Computer Science, Economics and Managements with a dream to explore different ways to provide solution.
MDM understands that Time, Cost and Quality are the basic key factors of a business and are cared by the clients. Hence to keep our commitment in these three factors, the organisation is equipped with all latest technology devices, software and communication equipments to provide our client our best knowledge based supports.
Team Specialty
MDM has a set of young, bright, intelligent and dynamic professionals who are not only technically strong but also strong in different functional domains too. MDM feels that to develop system, the knowledge of software is not enough. It requires the knowledge of functional domain also. Apart from professional aspects they are very much aggressive to face the challenge and their jubilant nature helps to maintain a friendly environment and emotional bonding with the client team during project schedule.
We always feel ourselves as an active member of our Client Organisation. We never consider our services to be an external object at client environment. We take project ownership, side by side infuse this passion to the Client Team to be emotionally involved with the recommended strategy and its execution within the organisation. Our passion is to make our client organisation into a world-class organisation in its domain through our Value-Plus Services.