BAROPE Business Solution Aryabhatter Diary
MDM has come up with their new product on ERP solution named as BAROPE (Business Application on Resource Optimization & Planning for Enterprises) which can serve the business needs of multiple sectors such a Manufacturing, Service, Hotel Industries, Hospitals, Advertising to name a few. It is a tool (Interactive Learning Resource) developed by MDM based on gaming technology. Aryabhatter Diary (Diary of Aryabhatta) is an effort to present an idea which will provide the feel of game where the player will have fun, a story that will involve the player in the environment and the hurdles those will lead the player to learn something at the end.
MDM understands that Time, Cost and Quality are the basic key factors of a business and are cared by the clients. Hence to keep our commitment in these three factors, the organisation is equipped with all latest technology devices, software and communication equipments to provide our client our best knowledge based supports.