About Project

Aryabhatta's Diary (Aryabhatter Diary) is a 3D Interactive Learning Resources developed using gaming technology. In this tool, the player in the role of Gaam (hero of the story) will learn how to apply Vedic Mathematics to solve mathematic problems, but this learning will be much more easy and fun. Just as the hero overcomes hurdles on his hunt for the missing leaves and learns the tricks of Mathematics, the kids will get the feel of a game and have fun while at the same time solve the Math riddles.

Aryabhatter Diary - A 3D Game in Bengali (Bangla) Language
Philosophy Mission

I take this opportunity to explain to you all about the philosophy behind this project. I have conceived it from a different perspective unlike a traditional game. Even though it might appear to be a game, it is vastly different from the usual mainstream games. My understanding is that through this, children will learn while playing. I call it an alternative method of education.

My effort here is to present what is known as Interactive Learning Resources. There are very many tools available for learning in the market, but most of them serious in nature. I have conceived the idea so that kids find it extremely enjoyable even as they learn in the process.

Aprameya De
Director & Chief Executive Officer